things that trip up fakers

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ICE agents raid stores, flea markets in “Operation Interception”Bargain priced NFL merchandise is a commond tipoff to counterfeitingOther things that trip up fakers: Holograms, serial numbers, telling up from downBogus gear costs government and licensees and, indirectly, puts safety at riskFederal agents in recent weeks have scoured T shirt shops and Craigslist postings looking for bargain priced NFL merchandise a tipoff that sports merchandise may be bogus. And they’ve followed up with raids, hauling away a trove of jerseys.So far this year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other agencies participating in “Operation Interception” have confiscated 36,273 counterfeit trademarked items nationwide, with more expected through the weekend. The value of the haul thus far: more than $3.56 million.In some cases, it takes a keen eye to discern a fake jersey.

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