They wear and tear

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“They wear and tear,” said Berrington, noting the average expense of $1,500 to $2,000 to replenish a full set of 20 uniforms. “White looks good but its also the worse to wear. They dont have home and away uniforms because of cost youre dealing with 12 year olds, you just want them to show up in the uniforms that youve given them.”.

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“Totally impromptu. Nobody was thinking too much or had an agent going, ‘You want to be this guy or that guy?'” Fencik said. “It was just, you captured the diversity of a very unique team. A cop, a clerk and a community’s compassion have made for a bittersweet Christmastime tale here in Athens in the past few days. On Dec. 5, Athenians were shocked and saddened to pick up their morning paper and read of the murder of a well liked local convenience store clerk, Djamal Atroune, whose life was snuffed out by a robber.

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