The basket’s contents are valued at over $300

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The Lilac Bijoux shop, 145 Main St., is holding a free raffle drawing of a basket laden with fashion accessories. A glass case next to the basket display is for slips bearing names and phone numbers of hopeful raffle winners. The basket’s contents are valued at over $300.

silicone mould So far you collected a basket full of junk that you fully intended on purchasing. So what if you didn need slippers with panda bears on them? You were going to get them anyway! Pens with feathers on the end? You find someway to use them. Toilet paper that smelled like lavender? Well, okay, the lavender part was a little weird Baking tools, but you totally needed toilet paper.. silicone mould

fondant tools On a sultry morning of our first trip to Calcutta six years ago, my wife, Simone, and I emerged from our posh digs at the Oberoi Grand Hotel onto the teeming sidewalk of the main thoroughfare, Chowringhee. Instantly, a lean man of about 30 with a betel stained, toothy smile approached. In typical Bengali dress, he wore a white kurta shirt draped over a saronglike lungi.. fondant tools

baking tools Not to pick favorites here or anything, but I have to compare the experience of using and using the Turris. Mine is an extremely niche case, but coming from the Turris, I immediately felt uneasy about my walking direction being solely dictated by where I was looking because I was walking in place instead of sitting. I do think that simply walking in place is probably a better solution to VR movement than some of the stationary treadmill options that are out there, though, because like devices should require less effort and space to set up. baking tools

kitchenware Attraction tickets are $6 $10. Sundays. Farms Inc., 716 N. Of Paul supposed to be friends wanted his car, was the story I learned afterwards, Cloud said. Wouldn loan it to him. Police arrested his Paul 19 year old neighbor, Mark Hildebrant, for the killings. kitchenware

decorating tools You just need a few basic details, most of which can be found on your latest energy bill. If you don’t know your current usage or what tariff you’re on, you can still carry out a comparison with our detailed estimator based on your home size and usage pattern. Once you’ve selected a new tariff, the service goes through the switch with you, and does as much of the hard work for you as possible, so you can get back to enjoying the Christmas holidays with your family.. decorating tools

bakeware factory This date is home to the annual March for Life, a rally comprising hundreds of thousands of people gathered to protest the killing of unborn children. It’s a grave cause that brings us to Washington and so one might reasonably expect the gathering to be grave. But we have so many reasons for joy. bakeware factory

plastic mould Your budding chef will enjoy creating their own culinary delights alongside their friends at Kitchen in the Market kid cooking classes (ages 5 15). Ideal for tweens and teens, the Roll with It session teaches the kids how to make sushi rolls, spring rolls and egg rolls. Or, choose with Pasta which shows attendees how to make and roll their own pasta and whip up a homemade sauce plastic mould.

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