I don’t remember the West Indians worrying about the quality of

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Cheap Canada Goose HomeSportCricketEngland v West Indies cricketEngland shouldn’t fret about the quality of the West Indies they should crush them and enjoy the celebrationsThis is professional sport and it is up to England to use the tools at their disposal and win the game as well and Canada Goose Outlet as quickly as they canByIan Botham21:03, 20 AUG 2017England should not show mercy against the Windies (Image: Gareth Copley/Getty Images) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThere should be just three things on England’s mind in this series against the West Indies win, win, win.And after part one was done with consummate ruthlessness and professionalism, I don’t expect to see anything different from them at Headingley on Friday, or at Lord’s.It is up to England to crush them with their strongest team and enjoy the feeling of success, the celebrations and confidence that comes from winning.I don’t want to hear about people worrying whether this is enough of a test from the West Indies and fretting about the quality of the opposition.(Image: Michael Steele/Getty Images)This is professional sport and it is up to England to use the tools at their disposal and win the game as well and as quickly as they can.I don’t remember the West Indians worrying about the quality of our side in the 1980s when they won every match going. I don’t recall Michael Canada Goose Sale Holding, Malcolm Marshall and Joel Garner having the odd game off for a rest and giving others a go for some experience.They gave us plenty of beatings and we had to fight tooth and nail against a great team. So it is up to this Windies team to fight Cheap Canada Goose.

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